Stay in the Game

You know what you want. You've stated your desires. You've even affirmed them with concrete intentions. Now what? Now you wait. 

It's the in between period that gets so frustrating. You repeat "when?" and "how?" over and over again in your head. Your dreams once so fluid and full of hope and faith slowly become bogged down with doubts and fears. Where months ago you might have woken up feeling excited about the future, you now awake feel drained, stagnant, and uncertain. 

Soooooo....what to do? The only thing you CAN do:

Stay in the game.


  • Because you honor the pesky little truth inside that never ceases to remind you why you're here.
  • Because deep down you know you have all the resources necessary to endure any obstacle.  
  • Because the answer you're seeking can only emerge if you're there to greet it.

 Staying in the game means you embrace both the beauty and the beast of life. It's the adventure--the surprise that awaits--that will get your heart burning again. You might be scared and exhausted trudging through the thick of it, but remember: life would be boring otherwise.  

Are you in the game? One foot in and one foot out says to the world, "I might be ready when my dreams and desires finally come to fruition." Both feet in says, "Bring it on."

Posted on July 9, 2014 and filed under Stay in the Game.