Don't Fill the Space; Let the Space Fill You

I was walking my dog the other day and per usual, millions of thoughts flooded my brain. Then it was songs repeating themselves over and over again. Sometimes it seems like my brain needs constant noise in order to keep going. Do you ever feel this way? 

The 'noise' got me thinking even more (yup, shocker): What if my brain doesn't actually need the noise? What if--like awkward silence between two people--I'm trying to fill the space? And if so, what if instead of trying to fill the space, I let the space fill me? Such an idea was even more pertinent when viewing Hubble 3D, as well as the new film, Gravity; l am so small amidst the literal and figurative space around me. That I try to fill such an enormous space is, well, sort of laughable. 

With over 60,000 thoughts per day, we are bound to fill the 'space' in our heads somehow. We worry. We ponder. We plan and plot and schedule. We go over conversations in our head. We dream. We fantasize. If it's not thoughts, it's Facebook, email, YouTube, or the television filling our minds. Our brains are turning and burning 24/7! And then there are the few moments when we let go of our thoughts without even realizing it. We allow the song to take over the space; we prepare a meal, moving from one action to another with very little analysis; we watch a sunrise or sunset--or any form of nature--with simple awe. And there it is: The silence. It fills us up from bottom to top, offering us more abundance than we could ever imagine.

So why not see where else this indescribable silence can fill us up?

1.) The next time you're out for a walk or in your car alone, notice the deluge of thoughts. Don't judge them; just notice them.

2.) Instead of trying to 'get quiet' and force yourself to meditate (this often only creates more thoughts and worry), take a deep breath and feel the space around you. 

3.) Allow the space to really sink in. As you do, let the space fill your entire being for a few minutes.

We continually ask for more. More abundance. More opportunities. More adventure. More health. More love. More peace. More joy. But it's all there. Just waiting to fill the space if we let it. 

Posted on February 3, 2014 and filed under Let the Space Fill You.