This Question Might Just Save Your Life

Ever gotten to that breaking point when you're just about ready to lose it? Whether it's your dog barking, your child crying, another car cutting you off, a bill in the mail, or even a glass of spilled water--the next thing to demand your attention might just send you over the edge? For me, it's never really the small thing that's truly doing me in, though at the time when I want to scream, it sure feels like it. No, stress is a result of a larger issue--one that is only compounded with all those small annoyances. It's one thing after another. It's the weight of it all. And I sit there wondering if I have the will power to remain calm under all that pressure. Will I give in to the mere exhaustion of stress? Or will I ask the one question that, in the end, could save--yes, save--my life?

Was I able to get through this before?

Yes or no. 

And that's it. Simple. You don't need a long, exhaustive list of reasons why you should or shouldn't be stressed. You don't need to convince yourself you're not stressed. And you certainly don't need to enable that stress button any further, because, well, it can eventually kill you. 

All you need to do is ask yourself:

Was I able to get through this before?

Yes, yes, I think I was, so that means I can get through this again. Or, no I didn't, so I need to learn how to get through this. 

Either way, you have an answer. You don't have to throw crap or yell or melt in a ball of tears (though, you're more than welcome to do so; I often find all three to be quite liberating).

When you ask such a question you gain clarity. Wisdom. Awareness. And most importantly, you access all the necessary resources inside to make it through whatever BS life is laying on ya. Those resources never vanish; they are loyal servants, ready and waiting for your commands. 

Stress bites the big one. It's as vicious as its frenemy, guilt. So, give your heart and lungs and blood a break and remember that whatever it is, you will get through it. You've got everything inside to make it happen.  

Posted on December 29, 2014 and filed under Save Your Life.