The Truth About Priorities


I owe you an apology. My newsletter is a bit late, and I'm sorry. I chose to allow other distractions (i.e. starting a new company, going on vacation, and building my network on social media) to monopolize my focus. With only so many hours in the day, I made a choice to focus on other things. Such a choice, however, led me to a greater understanding of prioritizing--that it's not merely about putting one thing ahead of another, but more so about examining exactly what pulls at my attention.

Often, when we assume something needs our immediate attention, we drop what we're doing. But is what has diverted our focus really that important? Or is it just one more thing to distract us from an objective or goal? More importantly, what do we miss out on when we allow our attention to be diverted to something else? This is the real kicker, because it forces you to examine the true nature of prioritizing, which is that wherever your attention goes, energy flows. 

Where does your attention go? What distracts you from an objective or goal? Is that distraction really that important? If so, what's at risk? 

For me, other creative ventures pulled at my attention--worth the risk. Shopping on Amazon or scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest--not worth the risk. If I desire my energy to flow towards my passions (my work, my relationships, and my health), then any other distractions aren't really that important, right?

Bottom line about priorities: Get clear about what you want your energy directed towards. Everything else can wait.   

Posted on December 29, 2014 and filed under Truth About Priorities.